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4 things you need to know before joining our company

LYFE is not just another food delivery startup, but rather a disruptive food delivery startup on a mindful mission to forever revolutionize Sarawak and its inhabitants. As a bold, burgeoning brand, we seek to nurture talented individuals and elicit their myriad of creative ideas, expressions, and influences. As a brand, we aim to influence behavior and improve lifestyles, while impacting businesses to fully shift into the digital revolution. Working at LYFE is more than just a job, it’s pioneering for the future.

Nine-to-Five Fun

At LYFE, we believe keeping the fun factor flourishing at work will not only boost productivity but inspire creativity and foster long-term working relationships well beyond the blow of the five o’clock whistle. But, don’t be mistaken. We are disciplined, and we get the work done. Our diverse, inclusive group of young, industrious individuals all share similar work goals and strive to stay the course on the LYFE brand trajectory, yet still find the time to celebrate our many achievements along the way. So, let’s get this party started!

A Collective, Unconventional Work Culture

With the digital revolution’s ever-evolving demand for rapid changes, out-of-the-box brand messaging, and trendsetting shifts, LYFE values creative problem-solving, open, respectful communication, and a flat hierarchy system. Forget being cooped up in a stuffy cubicle, cut-off from other creative co-workers also craving to innovate and ideate collectively. At LYFE, all voices are heard, and constructive ideas and feedback realized. Our core value tends to reflect the plethora of varying personalities of the people who work for LYFE, as opposed to the company’s mission statement. It’s been said many times, “Don’t try to re-invent the wheel.” But, at LYFE, we’re all about reinventing wheels! We’re today’s movers and shakers. We understand that staying in your comfort zone gets you nowhere fast, so we’re always enthusiastic about moving up and out and making things happen.


Since the launch of LYFE, we’ve fastidiously created a unique environment where our tireless, talented team members are compassionate, caring, and loving towards one another. While we respect and recognize each other’s inherent differences, we strive to encourage, inspire, and empower – both personally and professionally – and regularly host power sessions to cultivate growth and promote gratitude. LYFE is like a second home, as you’re never alone.

We Dream BIG and Do BIGGER

We encourage daydreaming – all day long! At LYFE, we’re crazy-creative, crazy-cool, and live for taking on crazy challenges. We’re adventure seekers and action takers. Instead of making the proverbial promise, we actually find a way to deliver through meticulous planning, strategic innovation, and exhaustive executions.

We don’t wait for opportunities to unceremoniously show up in our inboxes, we create them. Because “well done” is way better than “well said,” we tend to put our money where our mouth is.

If you think you are crazy enough

Join our Talent Cultivation Program

Get a jump start on your career! Need a place to showcase your talents at the end of your studies? Our Talent Cultivation Program is perfect for students or fresh graduates that wants to kick start their career. With this program, you will go through a series of tasks that needs to be accomplished to prove that you are perfect for the Lyfe journey. All talents will also have to go through 1 month of intensive growth plan.

Think you've got what it takes?