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Keep your kitchen busy! With an ever-glowing platform of over 100,000 customers your business would be reaching new customers every day! More orders mean more profits!

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We don’t discriminate when it comes to size. Whether you’re a big franchise or small business owner, we welcome you onboard with open arms!

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To start, Lyfe will be sponsoring your newly activated account with a 15% Off or Free Delivery Promo to help kick start your sales!

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Wanna make Lyfe a platform to display your menu?
Register for the Menuloka Project!

What is Menuloka Project?

Our Menuloka Project is an initiative by Lyfe to help local F&B owners to utilise online technology to promote their
business and gain more orders. The Menuloka Project is basically a platform for F&B owners to showcase or display their
menu in our app. Our customers can go through your menu in the Lyfe app and they may directly place an order from
you via WhatsApp - cutting out all the fees incurred, meaning it's free to use!

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