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Hustler Runner

  •  No shift system, working on your own time (starts any time from 9am until 12am).
  •  Salary will be given on a daily basis, depending on how many orders you manage to deliver in a day.
  •  Deposit RM 80.00 (required).

Requirements of becoming aLyferunner

Own motorcycle

License B2 (License L diterima)

Valid roadtax

Able to use navigation apps

Able to plan routes and timing during delivery

Disciplined and able to take orders diligently

Personal Information

Single Choice Question

The following questions are the situations that might be happen on you as a Lyfe Runner. Please select your answer to respond and solve the situation.

  1. Follow management’s instruction regarding arrangement of their breaktime
  2. Accept direct assignation of delivery order by management during peak hour.
  3. Follow scheduled working shift.
  4. Bank in all cash in hand without any procrastination.
  5. Check whatsapp messages and constantly reply management and management’s messages.
  6. Maintain positive attitude among Runners, Management, Restaurant and Customers.

Multiple Choice Question

Please select MORE THAN ONE correct answers.