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Term And Conditions | Fleeter

This agreement is between the Fleeter and Lyfe Technology Sdn. Bhd., hereinafter known as The Company. By joining the Car Sticker Campaign, the Fleeter hereby agrees and gives full consent to the Company wrapping their motor vehicles as a means of advertising by The Company.

Key References:

  • Fleeters are users who offer brand advocacy services on the road by placing ad stickers or car stickers on their vehicle.
  • Campaigns are events conducted within a fixed period of time and initiated by the Company to market their products and/or services.
  • Car Sticker Package are the packages selected by the Fleeter and are to be applied upon their vehicle during the Campaign period.
  • Compensation is the money and/or gifts (which can be in the form of vouchers, discounts, samples or merchandise) earned by the Brand Ambassadors from the Campaigns

The terms of the Car Sticker Campaign shall be but not limited to:
  1. By registering, you accept and warrant that you meet the following requirements:
    • You are over 18 years of age.
    • You hold a current valid Malaysian driver’s license.
    • Your car has a valid registration, insurance and roadtax for the duration of the Campaign.
    • Your car is registered under your name, you must notify the Company immediately if your ownership of car is transferred.If your car is not registered in your name, you must be authorised by the car owner to drive the car.
    • Your car is in good condition and is kept clean and presentable at all times during a campaign.
    • You allow the Company to advertise on your car and your car must have sufficient space for the car stickers based on the Package that you have selected.
    • You can only be involved in one Campaign at a time.
    • The Company’s Campaigns will start from the official Campaign date. There is a chance that you will have the advertising on your car for up to a couple of weeks before the start date. In this instance there is no provision for compensation to be made for any period before the official Campaign start date.
  2. The Fleeter agrees to have their motor vehicles advertised with the car stickers at all times during the duration of the Car Sticker Campaign with The Company.
  3. The duration for the Car Sticker Campaign shall be in accordance to the campaign that the Fleeter has joined.
  4. The Company will not be liable or held accountable for any Damages caused to the Fleeter’s vehicle after the installation of the car stickers.
  5. The Fleeter shall be responsible for the outlook of the car wrap at all times.
  6. The Fleeter shall ensure that their car is in good condition and is kept clean and presentable at all times during a Campaign.
  7. The Fleeter shall succumb to a routine inspection of every 1 month from the commencement of each Campaign that the Fleeter has joined.
  8. Campaign Sticker:
    You must ensure that the Campaign sticker is installed and remains on your car’s intended surface throughout the Campaign duration and must inform the Company immediately in the event of any damage or loss of your Campaign sticker. Any sticker replacements made due to your fault or negligence shall be charged in accordance to the Car Sticker Package selected and shall be deducted from your Campaign compensation. You will be given the ability to select a preferred date and time to have your car stickers installed by our Partner. Once you have confirmed and booked your installation time and date, you are required to attend the installation session. Any changes on the installation date or time will be notified by the Company. You MUST attend the confirmed installation session. Failure to do so grants the Company the right to deduct RM 50.00 from your Campaign compensation (on per incident basis) and you agree to such penalty and irrevocably waive all and any right or claims related thereto. In the event that you are unable to attend the installation session, you will be required to contact the Company directly with a minimum of at least one (1) working day in advance in order to rebook your installation session.
  9. The Fleeter shall be required to pay a certain sum based on the Car Sticker Package they have chosen to attend to.
  10. In the event that the Fleeter is unable to commit to the Car Sticker Campaign, the Fleeter shall not be granted any refunds or further Compensations.
  11. The Compensation that the Fleeter receives monthly during the Campaign period shall be at the discretion of the Company.
  12. Each Fletter shall be required to achieve the monthly target as set up by the Company in order to receive their Compensation.
  13. The Company reserves the right to delay or suspend any Compensations if you do not complete the requirements by the indicated due date.
  14. The payment Compensation shall be done on the 3rd Tuesday of the month via bank transfer to the Fleeter’s preferred bank account as provided.
  15. Should the Fleeter’s car stickers be deemed unfit for duty, the Fleeter will be required to repurchase and reapply new car stickers based on the Package previously selected.
  16. Should the Fleeter fail to comply with any of the following terms at any point in time of the agreement, the Company has the rights to terminate the agreement with the Fleeter.
  17. Should the Fleeter choose to be involved in a new Campaign after the completion of their current Campaign, they will be required to re-purchase and re-apply a new car wrap and a new agreement date shall be enforced.