Terms & Conditions | Lyfe
Term And Conditions | Lyfe Runner


1. Job Description

This job is to collect products from the partnered operators and deliver to the customer via the mobile application.

The Employee’s job scope includes:

  • Accept orders proactively
  • Collect and deliver products
  • Hold responsibility in accepting orders
  • Perform assigned tasks
  • Return cash to Lyfe office

2. Dress Code & Cleanliness

Employees are required to wear the Lyfe Technology Sdn. Bhd. uniform and jacket with appropriate long pants and covered shoes.Employees are strictly prohibited from wearing slippers. Any alternation of the uniform is strictly prohibited unless approved by the management. Ensure that your Lyfebox is always clean before heading out for your duties.

3. Company Assets

Company assets, such as software, equipment, any intangible or non-intangible assets, are not forprivate use and are strictly to be used for the Company business only. Upon termination of employment, employees are required to surrender all of the Company assets they have possessed.

4. Safety
  • Responsible for your safety while on duty;
  • Always follow the law, road safety and rules;
  • All injuries on the employee or the customer must be reported to the management immediately;
  • Always have your breakfast before clocking in;
  • Prepare a raincoat and ride with extra care in the rain;

5. Responsibilities of being a Lyferunner
  • Accept orders diligently from customers.
  • Plan routes accordingly in order to save time.
  • Pick up orders from lyfestaurant using order IDs.
  • Double check food item amounts and confirm with lyfestaurant.
  • Ensure lyfestaurant indicate order id clearly on packaging.
  • Deliver with care; avoid food spillage.
  • Contact & confirm customers’ location politely.

Offense Carried OutAmount of Penalty Charged
No Show (whereby the Employee fails to show up for a working day, is absent or takes a Sick Leave without any notice or proof)
RM 100
MIA (whereby the Employee abandons his post during working hours without any notice and approval of the Employer).
RM 100
Attitude Problems (whereby the Employee is found disregarding or disrespecting the Company and the Employer as well as the rules in any manner).
RM 100
Refusal to accept orders when assigned by Admin or during peak hours
RM 50
Excessive Shift Swapping
RM 50
Complaints from customers and/or merchants (subject to investigation of the Company or the Employer)
RM 50
Refusal to use proper attire in the workplace or during delivery
RM 20
Showing up late for shifts
RM 20
Negligence during delivery/Failed orders
Subject to severity or amount of the order
  • Should the Employee receive a total of more than RM 200 in Penalties recorded in the Penalty Card (Yellow Card), the Employee will receive a PIP with immediate effect.