Terms & Conditions | Lyfe
Term And Conditions | Lyfe Runner


1. Job Description

This job is to collect products from the partnered operators and deliver to the customer via the mobile application.

The Employee’s job scope includes:

  • Accept orders proactively
  • Collect and deliver products
  • Hold responsibility in accepting orders
  • Perform assigned tasks

As a Delivery Partner/Runner, you are an independent contractor or a freelancer and not an employee.

This means that you:

  1. Have absolute control to choose your own working shifts and working zones whilst carrying out your Lyferunner duties.
  2. Are highly encouraged to purchase and wear the Lyferunner uniform but is not mandatory for you to do so.
  3. Do not have anyone overseeing you but will have dedicated personnel to attend and guide you if necessary.
  4. Do not receive any employment benefits such as SOCSO, EPF etc.
  5. Are able to stop carrying out your Lyferunner duties at any point in time.
  6. Understand that you and solely yourself will be responsible for your actions whilst carrying out your Lyferunner duties.
  7. The Company will not be responsible or liable for any claims/damages/losses/expenses/costs/liabilities whatsoever from your negligence or actions arising whilst carrying out your Lyferunner duties.
  8. Will still be required to adhere to our Rule of Moral and Ethics.

2. Dress Code & Cleanliness

Delivery partners are required to wear proper working attire; t-shirt with appropriate long pants and covered shoes.Employees are strictly prohibited from wearing slippers. It is recommended but not necessary to make use of the Lyferunner uniform whilst carrying out your Lyferunner duties. Any alternation of the uniform is strictly prohibited unless approved by the management. Ensure that your Lyferunner equipment is always clean before heading out for your duties.

3. Company Assets

Company assets, such as software, equipment, any intangible or non-intangible assets, are not for private use and are strictly to be used for the Company business only.Upon termination or suspension of your Lyferunner account, delivery partners are required to surrender all of the Company assets they have possessed.

4. Safety

As a Delivery Partner or Runner, your safety is our main priority whilst on duty.

Ensure that, you:

  • Act responsibly for your safety while on duty;
  • Always follow the law, road safety and rules;
  • All injuries on the employee or the customer must be reported to the management immediately;
  • Prepare a raincoat and ride/drive with extra care in the rain;

5. Responsibilities of being a Lyferunner
  • Accept orders diligently as assigned by the system.
  • Plan routes accordingly in order to save time.
  • Pick up orders from Lyfestaurant using order IDs.
  • Double check food item amounts and order IDs and confirming them with the Lyfestaurants.
  • Ensure Lyfestaurants indicate order IDs clearly on packaging.
  • Deliver with care; avoid food/drinks spillage or damage to the products.
  • Contact & confirm customers’ location politely.
  • Delivering customer’s orders to indicated Drop Off Points.

6. Data Protection Obligations
  • You are not allowed to process, use or disclose any customer personal data that you have received as part of your delivery for any purposes aside from delivering the customer’s order.
  • You have to use reasonable security arrangements to prevent unauthorized or accidental access, collection, use, disclosure, or copying of customer personal data.
  • You are not allowed at any point to contact the customer after delivery completion.
  • You are not allowed at any point to share the customer’s data with anyone else.
  • You are not allowed at any point to keep the customer’s data in any form after delivery completion.